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Around 54% of UK adults do not have a will.
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My Will are trained professionals in crafting all types of wills that reflect every individual circumstance and encompasses all types of family dynamics. We are here to advise and support you throughout the whole process. Our team are happy to answer all queries and resolve all worries. With your best interests at heart, we ensure we provide the highest quality service whilst making the process stress free.

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Why Do You Need A Will?

To make difficult times easier

Losing someone is incredibly difficult and troubles concerning an estate left behind shouldn’t be left for grieving loved ones to sort out. Making a Will protects your loved ones from such worries in a time of sadness.

To appoint a guardian for your children

If you pass away without a Will, the state will decide who should care for your children if they are minors. A Will secures your ability to choose a guardian. This ensures you are confident in knowing they will be cared for by someone you trust.

To decide who receives your assets

Whether it’s a family heirloom, a classic car, or your savings, you should decide who receives your belongings after you pass. Make sure your loved ones inherit the assets you wish for them to have.


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Single Will

Guarantee that your assets are distributed according to your exact wishes


Mirror Wills

Designed for couples, two wills mirror each other as they are set out the same in respect to each other’s wishes


Trust Wills

Ensure that your assets are looked after properly when passing to family and loved ones


Estate Planning Trust

Ensure that your assets are looked after properly when passing to family and loved ones

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Lasting Power of Attorney

LPAs allows you to select a trusted individual who will have the ability to make any decisions on your behalf regarding your property and finance affairs, your health welfare.


Funeral Plans

Having pre-paid funeral plans protects loved ones against unexpected fees and uncertainty about your final wishes as it will already be document exactly how you would want.



My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers and he very quickly lost his mental capacity. Thank goodness I got in touch with My Will as they got all the right paperwork in place and took away a lot of my stress and anxiety.
Birgit WrenStocksfield Northumberland
Very Knowledgeable and had a complete understanding of our needs. We were given several recommendations that were explained in plain English. The planning we chose will save a significant amount of money to the estate.
Stephen & AndreaPenrith, Cumbria
Graeme was very thorough in his questioning. I thought a will was just a will until I understood how different things could affect us in the future. I’m happy that we’ve done the best we can for each other and our children. Thanks My Will.
P and L StevensDarlington

Let us answer your questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a will?

A Will is a legal document which states how and where you want your assets (money, estate, possessions & investments) to go once you have passed away. Within a Will you can appoint certain people for a number of different roles such as guardian to your children, an executor to your estate and a lasting power of attorney.

What happens if I was to die without a will?

Dying without a Will can put your assets at risk of being shared out in relation to the rules of intestacy, instead of how you would have wanted. 

How much does it cost to make a will?

The cost of making a will can vary for a few reasons. This can include the extent of your situation, the size of your estate, how specific you wish to be. For all of our Will services, the costs will depend on the client as we tailor everything to each person. 

Our time is free. We need to evaluate your personal circumstances and we then make suggestions based on facts. There are usually 3 options for our clients to choose from with different costs. Our prices start at £50.

How long does it take to make a Will?

Each case is completely different. For example, sometimes a basic mirror will can be turned around within a week. More complex cases do take longer but we take the time to ensure the legal process is done correctly.


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