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Our aim is to ultimately protect everything that you own and have built up throughout your lifetime. We ensure that when the time comes your assets only go to your loved ones in the way you wanted in the easiest possible way.

What We're About

A wealth of experience and knowledge has been brought together here at My Will.

As a company we are committed to making sure we provide our clients with the correct up to date advice. Every member of our team has to commit to several hours per month of ‘Continued Professional Development’ to ensure we continue our membership with the ‘Society of Will Writers’.

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We focus on providing exceptional service at the best price. We take the time to get to know our clients. Our main aim is ultimately to protect everything that our clients have built up through their lifetime and make sure that when the time comes it goes only to the loved ones they want it to and in the easiest and best possible way.

Meet The Experts

The Team

We are a continually growing team, currently with 15 agents. This includes an in house legal team and also paralegals that spend their time visiting our valued clients at home.


Estate Planning Director

Graeme has worked his way up in several companies over the last 8 years and has helped thousands of families to put plans in place based on their own complex family dynamics.


Legal Services Director

Peter has been a practicing solicitor for over 40 years and has been writing Will’s for just as long.


We are proud to be full members of The Society of Will Writers...​

So you can be sure that you are receiving the best advice and guidance with us.


What We Have To Offer

The Essential Plan

Everyone Should Have A Basic Plan In Place

  • Review your current Estate Plan, if you already have one
  • Advise the best type of Will that fits yours and your family's situation
  • Provide documentation to create yourself a safety net if you lose mental capacity
  • Create foresight to reduce loss for beneficiaries against care fees, divorce and inheritance tax
  • Advise on how to structure and own your assets for ultimate protection
  • Avoid the traps that see disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries lose out

The Signature Plan

For An Extra Layer Of Protection

Includes all features from The Essential Plan in addition to;

  • Advise relevant structures to put in place that aren't reliant on you passing away to protect your assets
  • Identify planning weaknesses and provide steps on how you can strengthen them
  • Assess how you can reduce personal loss of assets against business failures and relationship failures
  • Make it easier, quicker and less expensive for your beneficiaries after your death

The All Things TAX Plan

Give More To The Family And Less TO The Tax Man

Includes all features from The Essential Plan in addition to;

  • Identify the tax liabilities you are exposing your beneficiaries to
  • Advise how to create your estate plan that will save Inheritance Tax for multiple generations
  • Show you the tricks of the trade that the wealthy have used for centuries to keep wealth in their family
  • Referral to our Chartered Tax Advisory Partner for advice on:
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Property Portfolio Structuring
    • Business Succession

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