Funeral Plans

Planning your funeral and choosing the right plan can sound like a daunting process, but, with our expertise the planning is simple and worry free.

What Is A Funeral Plan?

Having a funeral plan set in place will prepare you and your family for when the time comes. The peace of mind that all future plans are covered and paid for is priceless.

Setting up a pre-paid funeral plan ensures that your loved ones will not be faced with unexpected costs. They will be supported through the distressing time without confusing questions and decisions for them to make on your behalf.

Simple And Easy

The Benefits Of Having Funeral Plans

Low Cost

Protect yourself and family from the yearly rising costs. Due to the cost of a funeral constantly rising over time, the benefit of having a pre-paid plan means you and your family have set cover from any unexpected costs and price rises.

Personalised Payment Plans

Never have to worry about paying everything upfront. Payment can be arranged in a way which is best for you financially. Costs can be paid for in an afforable amount over a period of time.

Your Wishes Guaranteed

Everything is going to be set in place meaning no confusing or second guessing for loved ones for what you would of wanted when that day comes.

Of Mind

Planning ahead means you have the ability to protect the future and loved ones for whatever lies ahead.


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How It Works

Funeral plans are designed to give clients peace of mind to know that when they pass away they have done all they can to make things as easy as possible for the ones they leave behind. They say a funeral is very similar to organising a wedding. Church, flowers, guests, service etc. You get around 6 months to plan a wedding and 2 weeks for a funeral. Funeral plans take the guesswork out of things as it is all pre arranged.

Funerals are increasing in cost by around 6-7% year on year and most funeral plans fix the cost at yesterday’s prices. If you would like one of our experts to discuss the different options and the pros and cons of all the major FP providers, get in touch to arrange a no obligation visit today.


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