Lasting Power of Attorney

Allow you to select a trusted individual who will have the ability to make any decisions on your behalf regarding your property, financial affairs or your health welfare.

What Is 'LPA'?

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document in which you, ‘the donor’, choose people known as ‘attorney’s’ that aid you in making decisions or deciding them on your behalf. This means that if you are ever in an accident or incur an illness that means you are unable to make your own decisions, you have taken precautions and given a trusted loved one the legal authority to make decisions in the event of you lacking the mental capacity to do so.

Simple And Easy

Benefits Of Appointing A Lpa

Peace Of Mind

Having a Power of Attorney established will provide you with peace of mind knowing you have appointed a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf if ever the time comes you don’t have the ability to do so yourself.

Save Costs

It is cheaper to appoint a LPA now within your Will rather than  loved ones having to send an application to the court on your behalf if ever that time comes suddenly.




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